Safe Skin Products for NICU Preemies

The NICU (neonatal intensive care unit), for obvious reasons, has strict rules about cleanliness and germs. Premature and sick infants have weak immune systems and it’s really important to keep them safe.

As foster parents, my husband and I recently had the experience of bringing a preemie home from the NICU. Our tiny baby boy spent his first two weeks of life in the hospital hooked up to several monitors and tubes. With everything he had already gone through, we wanted to make sure to steer free of chemicals and use  natural products on his skin products for preemies

Thankfully, we already had an arsenal of Tubby Todd products at home, which are natural and completely safe for a preemie’s delicate skin. Here are some ways we used Tubby Todd in the few days we spent in and out of the NICU:

  • Each time you enter the NICU, you’ll stand in front of a big sink and scrub-in for three minutes. The antibacterial soap needs to go all the way up to your elbows and leaves your skin so dry! After leaving the NICU, rubbing the MAMA Hand Cream on my skin helped to replenish all that lost moisture.

  • If you ask, the nurses will usually let you bring in your own skin products for your baby, including diaper cream. You can smear a small dab of the gentle All Over Ointment on your baby’s bum every time you change his diaper, and it will help prevent rashes by creating a moisture barrier.

  • When I gently peeled off all of our baby’s wires before we were discharged, they left red, irritated marks on his delicate skin. Some marks persisted for a few days afterwards, and I found applying the All Over Ointment for a couple days helped gently clean off any sticky residue left on his skin.

  • If your little one’s NICU stay is longer, a sponge bath may be necessary. One tiny squeeze is all you’ll need of our Hair & Body Wash Wash, and you can feel confident in using the plant-based, natural ingredients on your baby’s sensitive, vulnerable skin.

  • Infant massage is shown to have many benefits—it stimulates brain development, boosts the immune system, promotes relaxation and sleep, and helps baby feel secure. But most of all, it helps you bond with your baby, which is essential in the NICU! The Everyday Lotion has a soothing lavender scent that will send your little one right off to dreamland. (If you’re looking for a non-scented option, our MAMA belly oil would also work great!)safe skin products for preemies

Every Tubby Todd product is formulated to be extra gentle on sensitive skin, and can be safely used on even the tiniest little ones. But it’s still a great idea to check with your baby’s doctor or nurse first, before applying, just to be sure.*
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