Summer Colds 101


Summer colds are like a dirty trick of nature...Just when you’re ready to soak up some rays and enjoy the warm air outside, they can make your little one feel cranky, feverish — and almost always, extra needy. Symptoms may include a stuffy or runny nose, fever, cough, or sore throat lasting up to 10 or 12 days.
Here are a few tips for making your baby as comfortable as possible until she’s back to herself again:
  1. Add a cool mist humidifier to her room at night to help restore moisture to the air and alleviate a nighttime cough and congestion.
  2. Elevate her head at night to help with nasal drainage. Give her an extra pillow or place her mattress at a slight angle. (Remember, pillows can be dangerous for infants. Use this tip for older children.)
  3. If she is still nursing or drinking from a bottle, hold her as upright as possible to make it easier for her to breathe through her nose while eating.
  4. If needed, give her fever-reducing medicine as directed by your pediatrician, but avoid over-the-counter cough and cold medications. Research by the American Academy of Pediatrics has found they don’t work for children under 6 and may have life-threatening side effects.
  5. Feed her chicken soup. Studies have actually affirmed the medicinal value of this old home remedy.
Should you keep her inside? You know her best. If she seems unphased by the cold (and she’s not feverish), she’s probably okay to enjoy whatever you have planned. Just make sure she has lots of fluids and gets plenty of opportunity to rest. On the other hand, if you find she just wants to be held all day long, don’t worry! Unpack the pool bag and let the dirty dishes pile up in the sink. You just got a free ticket for some extra snuggle time.
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