Summer Travel Essentials for Families

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Traveling with little ones is NO JOKE. It takes infinitely more planning and preparation and let's be honest—you still probably won't think of everything. And that's ok! In an effort to help you be as prepared as you possibly can for travel with an infant, toddler or multiple little ones we've put together some of our favorite tips, tricks and products that can help make your journey a little easier. Check out some of our travel essentials for families below to get prepped for your summer adventures and know that you've got this, Mama!

  1. Walker Family Goods Matching Louie Slings - Travel simple with these adorable yet practical matching fanny packs for mama and mini. Keep all your most frequently used items like wallet, chap stick and keys right at your finger tips!
  2. Veer Gear Cruiser - If you're adventuring outdoors or a little off the beaten path the Veer Gear cruiser is a must! It is as safe as a premium stroller with all the fun of a wagon, so your kiddos will have a blast and you can feel comfortable doing a little off-roading adventure.
  3. Travel Kit/Sunscreen - Every mama knows SPF is a must must must. Keep our PLAY Mineral Sunscreen on hand to cover your little ones (and yourself!) for some good, clean sun. After a day in the sun, wash everything off with our Hair & Body Wash and don't forget to moisturize with Everyday Lotion, both available in convenient adventure-friendly sizes in our Travel Kit.
  4. Solly Baby Wrap - If you're traveling with a smaller babe the Solly Baby Wrap will make everything from navigating airports, flights, hikes and everything in between so much easier! The wrap is so comfy because of the breathable fabric and can be worn standing up or sitting down. You can even discreetly nurse!
  5. George Hats - Keep your kiddos further protected from the sun with a cute hat, we love George Hats! While SPF is a necessity a hat is still a great way to keep the sun out of little eyes—plus, who doesn't love a baby in a hat?!
  6. Gathre Mini Mat - The uses for a Gathre mat are pretty much endless. Pack one in your carry-on to put a layer between your toddler and germs airplane seats, use it in the car, take it to the beach, it functions as a changing pad in a pinch—seriously, we could go on!
  7. Ele Swim - A swimsuit is always a great thing to have on hand! Even if you aren't headed to the beach, if your little ones catch sight of a pool at the hotel or a splash pad or water park nearby it's always a fun stop! We love Ele Swim's pretty patters and you can even pick up a matching (and might we say super flattering) suite for yourself, Mama!

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