The Tubby Todd Story: Why is it called Tubby Todd anyway?


First, let's answer the question that everyone is always asking: We named the company Tubby Todd after my husband, Brian Todd Williams. "Tubby Todd" was his nickname when he was born weighing 11 lbs... the biggest baby ever born in the San Jose Hospital!

We started Tubby Todd back in 2013 because I couldn't find anything that worked on our son Walker's horrible eczema. After trying literally hundreds of products and getting so fed up, we decided to create our own. Since 2013, we've created an entire line of 100% natural bath and body products that have worked MIRACLES on our kids' skin. It has been so thrilling to create a skin solution that has worked for our family, and share it with all of you and see how it's helped your kids that struggle with mysterious skin issues, dry chapped skin, and eczema and diaper rash prone skin.

Since January 2016, Tubby Todd has expanded. Not only do we have several new products like Extra Tubby bottles, Belly Oil, and a HAIR line coming soon, Brian has joined Tubby Todd full time, we've grown our team to three full-time employees, hired several awesome freelancers, and opened an office (affectionately called the "Tub Hub") in Carlsbad, California. We even bought a Tubby Todd bathtub with gold claw feet! It's been a crazy, awesome whirlwind and Brian and I love having our whole family all in.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your support. Some of you have been following us for YEARS and many of you are new. For loving our products, for telling your friends and family about them, for getting excited about free t-shirts and new product unveils. You guys are the BEST and we love being on this Tubby journey with you!

We've got this!

Andrea, Brian, & the entire Tubby Todd Team

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