Valentines Surprises for Your Littlest Lovers

Valentine's Day is almost here and we want to celebrate with our whole families. Instead of getting lost in a rabbit hole on Pinterest looking for V-Day ideas, we've come up with five very simple ideas that can make this Lover's Day feel extra special for you and your Cupid Baby.

1) Pillow Surprise

Depending on whether your kids are school age or not, you can leave a small present on their pillow during the day that they'll find when they get home. A homemade treat, a new swimsuit, watercolor set, travel size lotion for their backpack, or new book. (Best Children's books of 2016 and New York Public Library's 100 Great Children's books.) For babies and toddlers, try a new board book, special snack food, bubble bath, or adorable hat.

2) Pink Breakfast

Food coloring wins holidays! Throw some red in your waffles or milk and prepare to be Mom #1. For a natural alternative, use beet juice in their waffles, strawberries in your morning smoothie, or just add raspberries to the top of their yogurt. If you're packing a lunch for daycare or school, incorporate as many pink or red items as possible into the meal. Berries, berry yogurt, red apples, red peppers, cherry tomatoes, salami, Babybel cheese, raspberry jam, and chips and red salsa.

3) Love Notes to Baby

What's more romantic than writing your deepest feelings of love on beautiful stationery and then watching your baby eat the paper? Writing a letter to your baby is a special way to remember all of the amazing things they're doing and write them down so you never forget. Instead of giving it to a baby that's a little too young to appreciate it, tuck it away in your journal or their keepsake box. You'll thank us later. If you're feeling extra sentimental, include a tiny lock of hair or a current photo. All the feels.

4) Make Valentines together

Kids love to be involved in the process, so make Valentines together! Lay out fun and simple craft supplies like card stock, colored pencils, and stickers. googly eyes, pipe cleaners, glue, and sequins. Help dictate their Valentine message on each card and sign their name. We promise handmade valentines will be the biggest hit with your friends and family! If your baby is too little craft, let them draw hearts and scribbles in the bathtub with bath crayons. Who says Valentines have to be permanent?

5) Matching Outfits

Who doesn't love matching a baby? Coordinate red sweaters, pin a red heart on your shirts, share matching Mama and Baby tattoos (get a free sheet when you order anything from Tubby Todd during the month of February) and take selfies, sew a heart headband, buy a leather bow headband, or paint your and baby's nails pink. Invest in some cheery pink baby moccasins or a happy basic pant. Deck yourself and that baby out to make the day feel anything but ordinary.

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day with your kids? What do you do to make it extra special? Share with us on Facebook or tag us on Instagram with #tubbytodditslove.

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