The Soapbox: 5 Things I'm loving right now

Hi everyone!

Sometimes I like to get on here and share some things I've been loving lately. Here's my random list of things I just can't get enough of.

Lavanilla deodorant I've tried a TON of natural deodorants and this is the first one that's actually worked. It's aluminum free and smells really good. 
Plant over processed challenge with @earthandy- Even though I'm not eating an exclusive plant based diet, I am trying to be more conscious about filling up on plant based foods first. So far, so good! 
3 @Ritual vitamins I absolutely hate taking vitamins but want to be better about taking them. I'm really intrigued by this new vitamin brand called Ritual! So far I'm loving everything I've seen from them. Have you tried them yet?
4 20 min workouts from @boysahoyblog. We shared @boysahoy recently and I have to say, I am still loving and doing her awesome 20 minute workouts. They're simple and effective.
5 Early bedtime. It might make me seem like a grandma, but at least I'm a happy Grandma. I get to bed by 11 PM every night and I'm feeling so refreshed in the morning. 

What things are you loving right now? Share with us on Facebook @TubbyToddMamas.

xx, Andrea

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