Ingredient spotlight: Coco-Gluoside

Coco-glucoside is an all-natural surfactant and foaming-agent derived from coconut oil (coco-) and fructose, or fruit sugar (glucose). 

In our Bubble Bath, coco-glucoside produces billions of safe, foamy bubbles for your little ones to enjoy. Its secondary job in our products is to support its coworkers — it's meant to enhance the cleansing and moisturizing capabilities of other ingredients in our formulations.

We love coco-glucoside because it's gentle and mild enough for sensitive-skinned babies, and is extremely effective. It is hypoallergenic, biodegradable, and made from completely natural, renewable materials. And coco-glucoside has one of the lowest possible irritation scores, which is a BIG win in our book!

You can find it in both our Bubble Bath and Baby Fresh Spray.

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