prepping for baby

The last few weeks of pregnancy hold some of our very favorite memories as moms. The world almost seems to stop in anticipation for baby, and every tiny moment — the kicks, the wiggles, and the hiccups — are things we'll never forget. As we cherish those last days before our family grows, we love taking the time to slow down and really mentally, physically, and spiritually prepare for the changes to come.
We quietly fold and sort through baby's clothes and essentials, holding on to the excitement of finally getting to use them. We take extra naps. We snuggle the rest of our loved ones even tighter than before. And we remember that the uncomfortableness, tears, frustrations, and sorrows of the past months will soon bring one of life's greatest blessings.

As I am preparing for this third baby I am taking extra time to wash clothes, gently fold them and tuck them away neatly because I am so aware of how quickly this time with my little one will pass. Here are a few of the items I am most excited about snuggling my little one in: 


What do you do to prepare for your little one? I would love to hear!

Sending pregnant love!





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