it smells good, and is good for you!

Tubby Todd smells good, and is good for you! There's no clean-cut definition of what a "natural" fragrance is, but we promise our fragrances are as natural as they come. At Tubby Todd we follow good manufacturing practices to make sure every ingredient is cleanly sourced, animal cruelty free, and 100% natural.  

Our products are naturally fragranced by the ingredients in them, and these plant-based ingredients work double duty to fragrance and heal skin. Our Lavender and Rosemary Hair & Body Wash smells like — you guessed it! — pure lavender oil and rosemary extract, which have anti-inflammatory properties and help treat skin irritations. Our Shea Butter and Mint Dream Cream is fragranced with shea butter, peppermint oil, and spearmint oil, which conditions and hydrates skin, and calms sore muscles.

We also add additional fragrances to some of our products, which are listed as "fragrance" on the ingredients list. This fragrance isn't artificial like most cosmetic products; we use a custom (top secret!) blend of essential oils and extracts that come directly from plants. These oils and extracts naturally provide both fragrance and therapeutic properties in our products, and are all part of what makes Tubby Todd such good, clean fun.

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