Third trimester looks for the growing belly

Listen up: I've got a real love/hate relationship with the third trimester of pregnancy. I'm sooooo close to the finish line and yet every single day feels like eternity. I'm equal parts uncomfortable and hot and anxious. And I always freak out a little when I remember I get to birth the watermelon baby growing inside of me! 

Here are some of my favorite go-to outfits for dressing your bump in the last few months:


 1. the most comfortable basics

In the third trimester, my main goal is to be as cozy and relaxed as possible with my clothes. I rotate through a small collection of comfortable, stretchy basics like soft t-shirts and leggings. Basically I try to copy my five year old's clothing choices.

pants: beyond yoga | shoes: nike | t-shirt: old navy | jo's romper in the first photo: rags to raches 


2. a spring dress for brunch

Every once in a while I change out of my yoga pants and go somewhere fancy, and I need something pretty to wear that covers my belly! I like to keep one or two flirty, feminine dresses in my closet for occasions like brunch, baby showers, and girl's nights out.

dress: Isabella Oliver | shoes: lotta from stockholm

3. mix & match

In the third trimester, my baby belly gets HUGE! Shirts that fit two months ago won't even cover anymore, so I have to get creative. I love pairing a knotted tee with a skirt — this one is stretchy and versatile so I can wear it above or below my belly, and get the exact coverage I want.

skirt: STORQ | boots: jeffrey campbell | shirt: h&m



P.S. This is one of the many installments in our #tubbytoddsoapbox series. This series is intended to do the exact same thing as our Tubby Todd products — they're meant to help you love and nurture your little ones! Each post focuses on the best way to take care of yourself as a parent because I whole heartedly believe that when we are taking care of ourselves we will be more capable of taking care of our little ones. Thanks for reading along!

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