3 Tips for Kid-friendly Holiday Decorating

Our gal @janereaction is sharing three simple tips to make your holiday decorating kid-friendly, and full of fun memories for your little ones.

1. Change up their bedding! I love changing up my kids' bedding for the months of November and December. It's an easy switch that they notice big time and really helps them feel like they are getting in the spirit! The flannel sheets are from Target and then I just got a couple of holiday pillows to throw on there as well. 

2. Get an (oversized) Advent Calendar. I loved having an advent calendar when I was growing up. It was one of my most favorite things! I got this tree fabric at Ikea a few years back and sewed little felt circles with numbers on them all over it. I stuff the circles with the leftover Halloween candy I have been hiding (LOL!) and other little prizes that I have been gathering through out the year. 


3. Make a cozy reading corner. I love the idea of making a cozy reading area for the boys. Every year I buy 2 or 3 new holiday children's books so that we grow our collection. I put them away with the decorations every year so that they are new and exciting again when we get them out the next year. Again, I just grabbed a couple of holiday pillows from Target and through them next to the fire place and plopped down their stack of books. They LOVE it.
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