Easy exercises to do while traveling

Kristy from Boys Ahoy is our favorite fit mama right now! She has the most approachable, quick videos to keep your mama body moving.

We've asked her to share two quick workouts you can do while you're away from your home and traveling this holiday.

15 Minutes: Anytime, Anywhere Workout
No equipment needed for this workout, just your body! Get your heart rate up and blast calories with five simple exercises in 15 minutes. Do each of the five exercises for one minute each. Complete circuit three times. 

Chair Workout
This chair workout will kick your booty and really get your legs burning! Do it at home, in your hotel room, or at a park with a bench! Complete 10 reps of each exercise and repeat 3 times through. 

Just a note: with all of these workouts, take breaks as you need them or modify as necessary. If you can't complete them, push yourself until you can't do more, and then just try and get further, or do one extra set the next time! You've got this mama! 
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