#tubbytoddfavorites — Favorite Snacks to Take to the Beach

Favorite snacks to take to the beach

Summer is here, and we've got a goal of hitting up the beach or pool at least once a week. Here's a roundup of our favorite snacks to bring:

  • Annie's Organic Snack Packs — We love the Annie's brand, and our kids DEVOUR these snack packs. They sell a huge box at Costco.
  • Trail Mix — The dark chocolate trail mix from Simply Balanced (at Target) is one of our favorites. And nuts are a quick, healthy source of energy.
  • Cut-up Vegetables — Make them icy-cold, and they'll stay crisp and are much more appetizing on a hot day. We like to serve them with classic ranch dressing, or sometimes even peanut butter! 
  • Honest Kids Juice — We don't do juice at home, but when we're out on a hot sunny day, it's the easiest way to keep the kids hydrated. Honest Kids has clean ingredients we feel good about.
  • Fresh Fruit — Bananas are an easy go-to, but make sure to keep them in the TOP of your bag so they don't get squished and brown. Grapes are also an excellent choice.
  • Fruit Pouches — The grocery shelves are flooded with options for fruit pouches, so pick your favorite flavors and toss them in your bag!

And the most important thing: remember to bring lots of water for everyone! Happy swimming!

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