#tubbytoddfavorites — Sun Safety + Products We Love

In the Tubby Todd Family, we're always striving to make better choices as consumers. We create and also try to purchase products that are good for both our bodies and for the environment. With summer approaching we know every mom is concerned with sun safety. Today we're sharing a few of our favorite products and sun safety tips to help keep your little ones stay safe while outside.

Wear sunglasses. This goes for kids, too! Protecting little eyes on bright, sunny days is always a good idea, and they'll thank you for it later. Children under 18 have clearer lenses on their eyes, so their eyes naturally let more light through than an adult's does, and this can cause eye damage. A couple of (unbreakable!) brands we love for babies are Ro.Sham.Bo. Baby, and Babiators

Cover up. We love our wide-brimmed, floppy sun hats around here, and I put long-sleeved rashguards on the kids when we're at the pool or beach. As far as protective clothing for children goes, we love SwimZipCoolibar and George Hats. All fashionable and functional. There's also a laundry aid we use called SunGuard, which blocks about 96% of UV rays when washed into clothes. (A typical white cotton t-shirt is only rated SPF 5). This can be especially helpful for newborns who are often swaddled and too new for sunscreen. SunGuard adds extra protection to the breathable fabric.

Seek Shade.  UV rays are the strongest during the hours of  10 am- 2 pm. Because these are the peak play times for little ones, make sure to provide shade for you and your kids. Tents these days are quick to set up, lightweight, and offer really good SPF protection from the sun. Bringing a tent, umbrella or find a covered area to set up home base. We love the Light Speed Quick Draw- it's easy to set up and clean.


What products do you love for sun safety? Leave a comment below! We'd love to hear! 

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