#tubbytoddtip — Conserving Water (Bathtub Edition)

California drought, conserving water: bathtub edition

Tubby Todd Bath Co. is based in San Diego, California, where there's a severe drought going on. Right now we're experiencing the driest years in all of California's recorded history! There's a big push to conserve water by 25% more than we have in the past years. This all sounds like bad news for Tubby Todd bubble baths, right?

But the good news is, bubble baths can still happen! We've found plenty of ways to cut back on our water usage. Whether or not you are a California resident, we should all be conscious of our water usage. Here's a few tips to help conserve water while bathing your little ones:

  • When filling up the tub, plug the drain before turning on the water. The water will be cold at first, but adjust the temperature accordingly and you'll end up with a nice, warm bath.
  • Fill up the bathtub halfway or less. Remember that our kiddos are probably just as happy (and safer!) playing in just a little bit of water instead of a full tub.
  • If your kids are older, have them take a (short!) shower instead of a bath.
  • Re-use your bath water to water plants. Scoop as much bath water as you can into a bucket, and carry it outside. Give your kids plastic cups and let them water the plants with it. Toddlers would love this chore, and your patio will get clean too!
  • Bathe multiple kids at once. Bath time is a fun, multi-sensory experience for little kids, and having a sibling makes it twice as fun!
  • Give your bathtub a good scrub-down right before you drain it. We keep a dish scrubber nearby, and wipe down the tub with the bathwater. We love to scrub the surrounding walls as well. Give everything a quick rinse right after the water is drained.

Have any good tips to share? We'd love to hear them!

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