4 Ways to Use Dream Cream for Your Babe (and Yourself!)

Babe holding Dream Cream

Dream Cream is a yummy, silky smooth moisturizer that helps nourish and soften even the driest skin. The formula is thicker than our Everyday Lotion for heavy duty moisture with a creamy, body butter consistency. The scent is light, clean and relaxing with notes of mint and shea butter.

Like all Tubby Todd bath products, our Dream Cream is made with gentle, moisturizing ingredients including safflower seed oil, sweet almond oil, shea butter and cocoa seed butter. These ingredients work to deeply hydrate dry, or eczema-prone skin. Keep a tube on your nightstand for before bed or by the sink to follow up the constant hand-washing that comes along with mama life. Below, find some of our favorite tubby tips for using Dream Cream on your babe!

(Psst: Dream Cream was named BEST cream for babes by Parents Magazine in 2021! We couldn't agree more tbh. See what all the hype is about.)

Mama applying Dream Cream to babe

Under Diaper

Give your babe a dream bum by using Dream Cream every time you change a diaper! The rich, silky formula will nourish and sooth dry, chapped underbum skin.

Bumpy Baby Skin

It can be tough to know how to treat rough, bumpy acne-like skin on a delicate baby face. Dream Cream is gentle enough for newborn and toddler faces and will create a barrier to keep irritants away from sensitive skin. (Speaking of bumps—we love using Dream Cream on growing pregnant bellies!)

Tiny Fingers and Toes

Baby fingers and toes can get dry and flaky just like any other skin! Give your little one a relaxing massage to moisturize and nourish these sometimes forgotten areas.

Dry Flaky Scalp

Help! My baby has a dry flaky scalp that doesn't seem to go away! After washing with Hair & Body Wash and gently exfoliating with a brush, layer Dream Cream on baby's scalp to soothe and soften skin.

Mama and kiddos having fun during skincare
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