7 Helpful Resources to Celebrate All Types of Hair!

We're so excited to have recently teamed up with LaTonya Yvette and Amanda Jane Jones to celebrate the launch of The Hair Book with a special limited-edition collab featuring artwork from the book! The book is all about honoring allll types of hair— so here's our roundup of hair-care and hair-celebrating related resources and goodies we've been loving! 

1. The Hair Book by LaTonya Yvette: "No matter your hair—YOU are welcome anywhere."

2. Pasta-inspired hair accessories to buy for the kids/borrow for yourself 

3. Very VERY in favor of letting that beautiful gray grow in!

4. A Black-owned brand that creates haircare basics for not-so-basic hair

5. Love a good shower cap when there's no time for shampoo

6. A lesson in loving our hair from a fave stylist and educator

7. A must-have microfiber towel for faster (more gentle!) drying

Shop the TT x The Hair Book Collab now for a limited time!

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