6 Tips for Summertime Skincare

Tubby Todd Mama Blog Who's ready for some good clean fun in the sun?! Summertime can be tons of fun for your kiddos but it can be a stressful time for a mama (in more ways than one!). We like to take a few extra steps to make sure sensitive skin is getting everything it needs through all that sunshine and outdoor play. Check out some of our favorite summer skincare routines to keep your babe’s skin and hair happy and hydrated through the coming months.

• Extra moisture – We like to moisturize with Everyday Lotion or Dream Cream right when kiddos wake up to prep their skin for the day, and we find that sunscreen applies much easier to soft, hydrated skin!

• Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen – We all know how important SPF is in the summertime but we’ll never stop reminding you, Mama! Be sure to apply Mineral Sunscreen at least 15 minutes before sun exposure and give a good reapply every 80 minutes OR after towel drying if your little one is spending time in the water.

• Tangly summer hair – If your babe wakes up with a messy mop try spraying some of our Detangler through their hair, or work a little Conditioner into especially stubborn knots.

• Bathtime – After your babes have played the day away be sure to give their skin a little extra rest and recuperation with a nice, warm bubble bath (great for washing away any leftover SPF!).

• Brush it like it matters – If kiddos are snacking on sweet treats it’s more important than ever to brush teeth twice a day! Check out Tubby Toothpaste in two yummy flavors, and if you have a hard time reaching that two-minute brushing mark visit our Fun Brushing post here for some ideas!

• Relax – With so much fun going on, it’s easy for little ones to get overstimulated. After bathtime, give your babe or toddler a calming massage with our Baby Massage Oil to relax tired muscles and add deep hydration to skin.

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