Tubby Todd Bedtime

At our house bedtime is probably a lot like yours. Extremely exhausting, really sweet and some of the best moments of the day. After dinner and riding bikes around the neighborhood we take baths, read stories, sing songs and then do a long bedtime negotiation that involves, "One more story, one more trip to the bathroom, one more song, just one more kiss." As a parent, bedtime can feel long and tiring but it can also be such a sweet time when we can wash off the worries of the day and get ready for the excitement of tomorrow.

We want to see how you do a Tubby Todd Bedtime at your home! Starting November 2nd we want you to share your #tubbytoddbedtime moments! What is your routine? What products do you love to help get your little ones ready for bed? What are the moments you will always remember when your little ones have grown? So, tag your bedtime moments with #tubbytoddbedtime so we can see them! Below is a little video of how we do bedtime at our home, we hope you enjoy! 




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