Three tips for keeping your little one's skin smooth all winter long


After a week of sledding, skiing, hiking and playing in the cold and snow, we came home with a few tips for using our products during these harsh winter months. Here are three tips for keeping skin smooth all year long! 

1. Before going out in the cold, lather up with our All Over Ointment. Cheeks, noses and little lips get destroyed in the wind and cold. So before sending them out to play, I take a small swipe of our ointment, rub it in my hands, and then smooth it across my little ones' faces. Our ointment is made with a base of beeswax and honeysuckle extract to keep skin smooth, and is formulated with plant-based ingredients that protect your babies from the elements.

2. Moisturize after sun and cold exposure with our Dream Cream. When it is overcast and snowy, the UV rays are still very harsh and skin is more sensitive to sun damage. After coming home from a day in the cold, I moisturize everyone's faces and hands with our Dream Cream. Orange peel oil and shea butter are both key ingredients in our cream that heal irritated skin and repair any damage done by sun and cold weather. Red, chapped cheeks become baby soft and like new the very next day. 

3. Soak babies in warm bubbles after cold days outside. The first question I ask people when they have little ones with skin problems is what are they using to wash their little ones. A moisturizing wash or bubble bath can be the very best way to condition dry skin all winter long. A wash or bubble bath that contains artificial ingredients can dry skin and irritate children who are prone to rashes and eczema. If their skin is irritated during bath time it will be incredibly difficult to hydrate the skin with creams or ointments following bath time. Soaking your babies in conditioning bubbles that are packed with essential oils will give skin a conditioned base for lots of play time in the elements.

I hope these tips help keep your family's skin soft and hydrated all winter long. Check out our BASICS bundle to prepare your little ones for winter this year! 



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