Clearing up Eczema

Clearing up eczema is no joke! Our family has tried so many products and none of them worked for Walker's sensitive skin. We created Tubby Todd with sensitive-skinned babies in mind, and surprise — it's also proven to be a great solution for a lot of families for clearing up eczema!

Our BASICS bundle has six 100% natural bath products that are extra-mild and plant-based. It's worked miracles for not only my family, but many of yours as well! Here's how to use each product in our BASICS bundle to help clear up eczema:


Hair & Body Wash — We always recommend starting with our signature lavender wash. When treating eczema it's important to keep skin moisturized, and that usually means limiting baths. But our wash is specially formulated to be moisturizing instead of drying, which is key to treating eczema. This mild wash is an excellent starting point, and even when used alone will make a huge difference in your baby's skin texture.

Bubble Bath — We thought bubble baths were a thing of the past for Walker's sensitive skin, but with Tubby Todd he can enjoy bubbles again without his eczema flaring up! This bubble bath is very gentle and moisturizing like our wash, so it's great for babies who are breakout-prone to soak and play in.

Lotion — Our everyday lotion is great for treating mild eczema, dry skin, or helping clear up those pesky red, bumpy breakouts that babies get. It's a deep everyday moisturizer that can be used all over the body, from head to toe.

Dream Cream — If baby's skin is particularly bad and needs a little more lovin' following bath time, smooth this rich, intensive moisturizing cream on any rough patches. It rubs in smooth, and is great for bringing moisture to itchy, dry skin.

All Over Ointment — Our ointment is basically the love child of a salve and a cream. It's the most powerful product in our Tubby Todd family, while still being 100% natural and gentle enough for newborn babies. It isn't a greasy mess when you rub it in, but it does take a little more effort than our dream cream to rub into skin. It's smooth, thick, and makes an excellent barrier to trap in all that moisture we've worked hard to get! We recommend rubbing the all over ointment on chapped skin or flared eczema patches and leaving it on overnight.

Baby Fresh Spray — We love this spray SO MUCH, and now can't imagine our lives without it! It's excellent for freshening up baby when bath time isn't an option. It's non-irritating, 100% natural, and gentle enough to be used on eczema-prone skin.


We hope you'll find success (and smooth skin!) with each and every product in our BASICS bundle. We have a worry-free guarantee because we're confident you'll love them! Email us ( if you have any specific questions about our products — we'd love to help!


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