7 things I've learned about my body this pregnancy

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Just when I thought I was an expert on pregnancy (having two babies qualifies you as an expert, right?) I was proven wrong. I've learned so much being pregnant the third time around! Here are 7 things I've finally learned about my body this time around:

1. Lifting weights is my preferred form of exercise as a pregnant person. I know! So strange. But running is too hard, walking long distances hurts my back and makes me hangry, and I can't do yoga without have embarrassing public moments (ie: tooting in public.) Lifting weights keeps me strong, flexible, allows me breaks between reps, and can be done within 20-30 minutes, which is all of the time I really have for exercise at this point. I had lifted weights consistently prior to this pregnancy which is the reason I have been able to easily transition into weight lifting during pregnancy. 

2. Taking anything other than gummy prenatal vitamins is always a bad idea. I don't care what brand they are, prenatal vitamins and I do not agree. This is obvious to everyone in the first trimester, but for me stands true throughout my whole pregnancy. All prenatal vitamins that aren't gummy vitamins make me feel sick for 5-10 hours after I take them. Not worth it.

3. Zantac takes care of all of my acid reflux. Guys, Tums might as well be lifesavers, and do nothing for my acid reflux at all. Zantac has changed my life and completely takes care of all of my heart burn and acid reflux when I take it consistently. 

4. My sciatic nerve pain can be taken care of when I consistently do cat-cow (the yoga stretches). I do a total of 20 cat-cows, two to three times a day and I don't have back problems. It sounds so simple, but it has worked for me after trying EVERYTHING and being in pain for so many months. (Want to see a video of my stretches? Email me and I'll send it to you! I feel this strongly about how much I love them and I'm glad to share! andrea@tubbytodd.com)

5. Vegetables really are an important part of my diet and well being. During my first two pregnancies I had a hard time with vegetables in my first trimester, and ate a lot of fast food. (Ooops.) This pregnancy has been so different and I have actually craved salads. I contribute a lot of the happiness of this pregnancy to my diet. I would argue that forcing yourself to eat vegetables when they don't sound appetizing will not help improve your pregnancy, but I think thinking of more creative ways to incorporate a plant-based diet when possible will help your overall mental and physical well-being throughout your pregnancy. 

6. Acquiring a few new pieces in my wardrobe each trimester. A few weeks ago I posted my favorite first-trimester pieces. After wearing the same striped maxi skirt for six months in my second pregnancy I vowed to not set myself up for self inflicted depression this time around, and wanted to find a few things I was excited to wear each few months as my body changes. In my first trimester I purchased the items, and this trimester a friend loaned me a few pairs of pants from her last pregnancy. I have also done this for friends, and it has been so fun to see how much those pieces have meant to them. So mix it up! Find a way to look forward to the weight gain and size changes with a few new things you are excited about each few months. 

7. Place my mental health as the number one concern in my life. During my first trimester for a few weeks I suffered from the most severe depression I have ever faced. My children, husband and business were all well and thriving, and there was nothing in my life that prompted the change in mood other than my increased hormone levels from pregnancy. After a few months of putting off seeking help, I burst into tears one day at the preschool pickup line. The mom I was sobbing in front of encouraged me to go see my doctor as soon as possible and told me that I "shouldn't have to feel that way." She was absolutely right. My OBGYN reiterated the same feelings as my friend and suggested a few things I can do to help me feel mentally stable during pregnancy. Multiple times during that appointment she reminded me that, "I shouldn't have to feel how I was feeling", and that a person who is trying to live a healthy, balanced life deserves to feel happy and peaceful. It was a beautiful experience, one that I will always cherish and be grateful for. Since that appointment I have taken so many steps to improve my mental health and have met regularly with my doctor. I feel happy, calm and peaceful again and it is so nice. If you feel depressed, anxious or angry, whether you are pregnant or not — you can get help! It doesn't have to be through a prescription; maybe all you need is an hour from a doctor where they genuinely listen to what you are feeling. Maybe it is an hour of alone time a day, or a weekend alone! Whatever it is, there are ways to get help, and I believe every person — especially women who care for young children — are responsible for and should seek out help when they are suffering.


If you are suffering through a challenging time in your prenatal or postpartum experience I sincerely offer you my love and strength. These seven things have changed my life and so I can't help but share them. If there is something that has changed your pregnancies, please share it below! I know others will benefit!

Sending tubby love, (tubby with baby... duh!) 



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  • Martha on November 27, 2018

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  • Elise S. on January 09, 2016

    Andrea, just wanted to thank you for your post! I am at the beggining of my third pregnancy and have suddenly been hit by some major anxiety and depression. Can you give me ideas on how to cope and overcome it? I hope to see a doctor soon, but have just moved to a new city, and haven’t found a doctor yet. Any advice you can give would be so very appreciated!

  • Brooke Field on January 08, 2016

    Oh Andrea, I loved this post & can relate on so many levels! Thanks for sharing. I dealt with some depression the first trimester of this pregnancy, and it completely caught me off guard! I wish I would’ve spoken up, because it was no fun to go through, but luckily it seems to be over now. I will definitely be trying your cat/cow technique for my sciatic pain though! It’s one of the reasons I dislike being pregnant!

  • Krista on January 07, 2016

    Yes! So good! And so true!

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