Keeping your little ones fresh & clean all day long

Tubby Todd helps keep your little ones fresh & clean from morning 'til night! Our BASICS Gift Set helps tackle spit up, dry skin, spaghetti disasters, and everything in between. Here are our favorite ways to use each product throughout the day:

Dream Cream — We love rubbing Dream Cream all over everyone's face each morning. (It even makes a great face cream for Mama!) The fresh, minty smell wakes everyone up for the day, and it makes little cheeks kissably smooth.

All Over Ointment — Baby loves to start the day off with a clean bum, so under that diaper we smooth our All Over Ointment on any redness or irritation. Our AOO locks in moisture, and creates a barrier to keep diaper rash-prone bums happy all day long.

Baby Fresh Spray — Oops! We didn't change that stinky diaper soon enough, and now our little one's pants smell. We use our baby fresh spray on both baby and her clothes to instantly make any residual odors disappear. Problem solved! We also love spritzing blankets, gym clothes, and sweaty little boys.

Bubble Bath — Dinner was messy...time for a bath! Squirt some bubbles in the bathtub so they play in the tub, not in their food.

Hair & Body Wash — Just a dime-sized drop of our Hair & Body Wash will create a rich lather from head to toe. One squeeze is all you need to be squeaky clean!

Everyday Lotion — When bathtime is over, we love to seal in moisture by smoothing our Everyday Lotion all over little arms, legs, hands, and feet. Its familiar scent will send them right off to dreamland!

We know there are hundreds of uses for our products, and everyone will use them differently! We want to see how YOUR family uses Tubby Todd! Tag us #tubbytodd on Instagram so we can see!


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