Treating Cradle Cap

Cradle Cap is essentially baby dandruff — rough, scaly patches of skin on your baby's head. Rest assured, it isn't harmful, but it certainly is annoying to deal with on your baby's scalp. (And it can really put a damper on those newborn photos, right?) Cradle cap can last for months and months and can be difficult to clear up, but we've got a natural solution that will leave your baby's head soft, smooth, and kissable.

We recommend starting with a mild, natural baby wash, such as our signature Hair & Body Wash. This gentle wash is made with pure, plant-based ingredients that are hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive newborn skin. Gently massage the wash on your baby's head, focusing on any rough patches near her hairline. Spend a little more time than you usually would to lightly roughen the flakes with your fingers or a washcloth, and rinse her off. If the skin is especially dry and flaky, repeat and lather again.

Now here's where the magic happens. Just before bedtime, rub a good layer of Tubby Todd All Over Ointment on your baby's head. (It might be a little bit sticky as it's mixed with your baby's hair, but this is why we recommend rubbing it in just before bedtime.) The All Over Ointment will soothe and soften all of those crusty flakes overnight, and you'll wake up to find a noticeably softer, smoother baby! Brush out any residual flakes with a soft brush in the morning, and bathe her again if needed.

Tubby Todd All Over Ointment is made with natural, plant-based ingredients, and is safe to use on even the tiniest newborns. The All Over Ointment contains beeswax to soothe and protect skin, jojoba esters for gentle exfoliation, and honeysuckle extracts to calm sensitive skin irritations. It's made with natural, clean ingredients that will leave your baby smooth and kissable!

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