8 Holiday Faves for All Ages

Fun Holiday Faves For All Ages

Happy (almost) holidays! 

Still nailing down all of those holiday gifts for the littlest members of your family? While you may not be able to get them that pony they’re asking for this year, never fear! We’ve got a roundup of holiday goodies and gifts we’re loving this season for kiddos of all ages and interests. 

Very Tubby Christmas Bundle — ‘Tis the season for a Tubby classic: our festive and bright Cranberry Mandarin holiday scent! This (discounted!) bundle comes with four staple products and is guaranteed to spread that holiday cheer. 

All Together Co. inclusive wrapping paper — Because representation matters, and so does adorable wrapping paper. 

Super Smalls accessories — Got a tiny fashionista in your life? Gift ‘em something super sparkly, like Super Smalls’ glam (yet age-appropriate) accessories. 

Smart Lab Tiny Baking — This tiny kitchen toolset is just the thing for the little budding baker. This set also comes with a recipe book, so they’ll be introduced to concepts like measuring, nutrition, and temperature while they channel their inner chef. Sounds like a win-win to us. 

Manhattan Toys Beats to Go — Music lovers, rejoice! Share the love with your little ones with this jam-sesh-approved and totally kid-sized wooden instrument set. 

Rey to Z embroidered hats — The whole fam can match all season long with these adorable matching baseball caps and beanies. 

Wonderbly personalized books — There’s seriously nothing better than the excitement of finding your name in a book, right?! Gift a little one that magic and watch their face light up as they realize these personalized books are all about them. 

Welly first aid kits —  These tiny first-aid kits are such a great stocking stuffer for the adventurous kiddo who likes to be prepared. And, the designs are so cute and kid-friendly that they’ll make those little boo-boos less scary.  

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