Amy's Story

Today we are sharing Amy Ruiz's story of her journey to help her little one, Lincoln, with eczema.

Lincoln was born with the most perfect, soft, newborn skin. My favorite first memory is snuggling up with him in the hospital, skin to skin, and rubbing my cheek against his. Within the first month, he developed baby acne. It was all over his face, the top of his head, and then eventually traveled to his chest.

Once the acne seemed to clear up, he developed patches of dry skin. I didn't think it would get any worse and I just continued to use the baby lotion I had. I was using Johnson & Johnson products as well as Aveeno baby products. This didn't seem to help his skin out at all and if anything, his skin looked worse after. Lincoln's pediatrician confirmed that it was eczema and suggested we use Aquaphor. 

The patches were so rough and none of the lotions that I was using were working. The eczema had even started to spread to his legs and his hands at this point. 

I was desperate, so I was trying all of the advice that people were giving me. I would try not bathing him as often and just moisturize him with Aquaphor like the doctor told me to. This just made Lincoln's skin feel really dried out and it was so red that I knew it was uncomfortable for him. Then, I was told to soak him in Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy Soothing Bath Treatment and use Eucerin Baby Eczema or CeraVe. This didn't make any difference. Then I got advice from a mom who has multiple kids with eczema. This is when I started soaking him in the bath three times a day for 15-20 minutes at a time. 
After the bath, I would lather him up with Aquaphor and then put footie pajamas on him to seal in the moisture. This was the hardest thing that I did in this journey. I could feel my patience being tested multiple times a day just trying to get my baby's eczema under control. His skin seemed to only get worse with everything that I tried that was meant to make it better. 
This is when I decided that I needed to contact the doctor again about his skin. The doctor prescribed a steroid ointment and told me to come back in two weeks if his skin had not cleared up. I ordered the prescription and waited for it in the mail. (Because I wasn't going to drag three kids to the pharmacy if I didn't need to). That same day, I decided to buy one last product... Tubby Todd. I patiently waited for both the prescription and the Tubby Todd order to come in the mail. I was so happy when Tubby Todd arrived first. I took pictures of Lincoln's skin that day to see if this product would make even the slightest difference. 
I bathed Lincoln with the Hair and Body Wash and then lathered him up with the Everyday Lotion. I used the All Over Ointment for the really bad spots on his stomach, chest, and legs. I was basically hoping for a miracle at this point. I checked on his legs just a few hours after using Tubby Todd and I was surprised to see that the spots had faded significantly.
I was still thinking that this was too good to be true. I didn't think that a single product could make any difference on his skin after weeks of trying everything that was suggested to me. That same day, I put the Dream Cream all over him, used the All Over Ointment once again on the bad spots, and put footie pajamas on him and we went to bed.
The next morning I was shocked to see that his skin was completely clear! I could still see some small spots where his eczema was severe, but overall, his skin was like new. It just continued to improve as the day went on and I continued to use the lotion and the All Over Ointment on him. I still didn't believe it and thought for sure that his eczema would have another flare up, but it hasn't. He also developed cradle cap the same day that Tubby Todd came in the mail. I used some of the All Over Ointment to cover the cradle cap spots and left it on his head for a couple minutes. Then I just used a comb and it all came out! I was amazed because it took weeks for my daughter's cradle cap to clear up when she had it as a baby.
I now wish that I had tried Tubby Todd from day one. I was hesitant to initially buy Tubby Todd because of the price. I didn't think that I needed to spend a lot of money on my baby's skin and thought he would be fine with just using Johnson and Johnson or Aveeno products. He clearly needed something that was gentle for his sensitive skin. 
Tubby Todd products are all natural and I love that you can find a list of the ingredients on their website. They also have a guarantee that if your child has a skin reaction to their product, they will refund your money if you send the product back. This helped me make the decision to at least try the product since I had nothing to lose. 

I get asked all the time what Tubby Todd products someone should buy if they are going to try it and I can't give a one product answer. I used the four products discussed earlier to get these specific results. It was the switch to using only natural products on his skin that made the difference. I like to compare it to a diet. You can't expect to see amazing results if you are eating healthy all day long and then eating cake and ice cream every night. If you are looking to only buy a couple of products to start out, I would recommend buying the hair and body wash, the dream cream, and the all over ointment. The biggest difference between the everyday lotion and the dream cream is the thickness of the lotion. The dream cream has a thicker consistency so if you are looking for a creamier lotion, then this is the perfect choice. 
I purchased the Basics Gift Set which has six products in it. I felt like this was a good option for trying out the product line. I use the All Over Ointment daily and also purchased the three-pack of travel tubes to keep with me at all times. I use it on his face if it gets a little chapped from drool or the cold. I use it on his hands if they get a little dry and I never have to worry about him getting sick if the tiniest bit gets in his mouth from constantly chewing on his hands (although you obviously don't want them putting anything in their mouth, it sometimes happens).
I also love the fact that the All Over Ointment can be used on a diaper rash and it is cloth diaper safe. We are making the transition to cloth diapers soon so it is nice to know that I can continue to use this on his little bum.
— Amy Ruiz's Blog 

Thank you Amy!
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