2021 Tubby Todd Resolutions Recap

Even though 2021 definitely had its fair share of ups and downs, all of our hearts here at Tubby Todd are filled with so much gratitude for the growth, connection, and love that the past year has brought us. We are so thankful for our community and to have had the opportunity to navigate the past months with all of you amazing fams! 

In the beginning of 2021, we set a few resolutions as a brand to guide us in reaching our goals, while staying true to our mission to bring skincare solutions to families just like yours!

So, without further ado, read on for a quick recap of the goals we set in 2021 (and how we measured up to these goals), as well as our NEW 2022 resolutions!

2021 Resolutions Recap

1. Give Back.

In 2021, we looked to make giving back to our community a major part of our year's goals. Here’s what we aimed for:

  • Donate 1% of top line to families in need
  • Continue our partnership with Baby2Baby
  • Support other charitable giving opportunities 

We’re so excited to say that we met and exceeded this goal! In 2021, we donated almost 2% of the top line to families in need. Yay!!!

In addition, our partnership with Baby2Baby allowed us to get over 8,000 products into the hands of families in need across the country.

We also launched our first Tubby Cares collab with our friends over at TrashBoy by donating 10% of sales to fund some of our charitable giving throughout the year.

2. Reduce Waste.

We’re all about those 3 Rs here at TT, and so in 2021, we looked to identify ways to improve our sustainability as a brand: 

  • Provide packaging solutions to cut back on 40,000 8oz plastic bottles 
  • Sell 2,000 Gallon products = 30,000 plastic bottles saved
  • Replace 10,000 bottles with bar soap and Extra Tubby product sales

Unforseen pandemic-related supply chain issues made this goal a tough one! While we didn’t quite reach the numbers we initially set out to, we did manage to save 20,000 plastic bottles with our more sustainable Gallon sizes and replaced 5,000 more with our Suds Stick Bar Soap and Extra Tubby sizes—both of which feature more sustainable packaging! 

We’re not giving up! In 2022, we’re continuing to seek out a ton of new ways to make our brand as gentle and kind to Mama Earth as possible

3. Share Stories

We love our community!! That’s why we resolved to share more stories in 2021 to share the joy of our TT community and support TT mamas & families.

From our #TubbyToddNewborn campaign where we asked mamas to share that first moment they met their little one on IG, to our #TubbyToddDad campaign where we asked mamas/partners to nominate their Tubby Todd dads and tell us why they're the best, we loved every second we spent sharing the love with our community.  

We also launched our second annual Year of Bathtime giveaway in December, and received seriously SO MANY wonderful and inspiring entry stories of amazing and resilient fams that touched us so deeply. 

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