A Tubby Todd Mama Shares Her Sweet Cheeks Story

Our Sweet Cheeks Diaper Paste has quickly become a favorite since it joined the TT family of products at the beginning of the year! With 14% zinc oxide to seal out wetness and lots of soothing, yummy ingredients to nourish skin at the same time, your babe's bum will be as soft as well, a babe's bum! Sweet Cheeks is safe for sensitive skin and the fragrance-free formula helps treat a prevent diaper rash. Read on below to hear from Angelina, a real life #tubbytoddmama, about how Sweet Cheeks has helped relieve her little one's rash and taken the stress out of diaper change!

Q: Hi Angelina! Can you tell us a little bit about the products you were using before Tubby Todd?

A: Before Tubby Todd we used a number of different products to try to get rid of Mariella's severe diaper rash including the prescribed steroid creams from our family doctor. Nothing worked and often left our poor baby with raw skin. It was heartbreaking to see her in tears during every diaper change.

Q: How did you find out about Sweet Cheeks Diaper Paste?

A: My friend Anne (Thank you, Anne!) recommended that I use the Tubby Todd All Over Ointment for her eczema and thankfully that very same week Sweet Cheeks Diaper Paste had launched! We ordered it just to try it out, because we really had nothing to lose at that point and we were so grateful that we did!

Q: Can you tell us about the effects Sweet Cheeks had on your little one’s diaper rash?

A: Sweet Cheeks Diaper Paste has completely cleared our little one of her diaper rash. Every diaper change before finding this product was full of hesitation. We had to be so careful to not irritate her extremely delicate skin. The paste is not overly thick or oily. It creates a perfect barrier for her skin and leaves her skin soft and protected.

Q: What does your skincare and diaper changing routine with your babe look like now?

A: Diaper changes used to be full of tears and now they are full of baby babble and giggles. We are so grateful to have found a product that has cleared her diaper rash and our worries!

Q: If you could tell your mama friends one thing about Sweet Cheeks Diaper Paste what would it be?

A: This diaper paste is truly a life saver. We tried so many products and even sought help from our trusted doctor with no resolve. We were so grateful to have been recommended to this company and to take the stress out of our diaper change routine.

Thanks for sharing, Angelina!

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