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We are constantly inspired by the amazing mamas in our Tubby Todd community. In our Inspired by series we profile some of these incredible women and give you a little glimpse into their lives as they discuss family, careers, style and more!

Today we're inspired by Joy Cho. You might recognize her as one of the founder and Creative Director of Oh Joy! Joy's newest book (her first children's book!) is featured in our new Bubbles & Books Gift Set, along with a limited edition bottle of Raspberry + Black Currant Bubble Bath. Read on to get inspired!

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Q: You have a pretty incredible job, tell us a little about what you do!

A: Hi! I’m the Founder and Creative Director of Oh Joy!—a lifestyle brand where we design products, create content, and a whole bunch of other things—to bring joy to your everyday!

Q: Tell us about your writing process, especially for your first kids book, Be Curious!

A: I’ve written three books prior (2 business books, 1 DIY book), so while I was familiar with the book publishing process, I had not written books for kids before. I knew I wanted this mini series of books to be about the qualities that I find important to instill in kids to help make them into amazing grown-ups. We’re covering curiosity, compassion/feelings, and kindness. I used my own knowledge as a mother of two to think about how to write to young children in a way that they and their parents would enjoy. Plus, there is A LOT of back and forth with your book editor as everyone wants to make sure the book is as great as possible.

Q: Were your sweet girls involved in the writing process?

A: Yes, I showed them drawings and copy while we were in early stages. Angie (our illustrator) also has kids so we had all of our kids look in the early stages as a mini focus group!

Q: Tell us a little bit about why it’s so important to remind our babes to be curious.

A: Curiosity helps our minds to grow and continue to think bigger. Especially right now while we are all home, curiosity can make our everyday environments (backyard, our room) even more exciting.

Q: Can you share any hints about what the next two installments in your set of kids books will look like?!

A: Yes! YOU’RE OKAY! comes out in August and is all about feelings. OH SO KIND! comes out in December and is all about kindness. You can pre-order them both at:

Q: We’re pretty obsessed with bathtime over here, do you have any favorite bathtime rituals that your little ones love?

A: My kids are at the age where they are transitioning to showers. But they love baths so we alternate between bath and showers every other day.

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Tubby Todd Mama Blog
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