Tubby Todd x Cait Kids: Sweet Darling Collaboration

We are so Tubby excited to introduce our newest limited edition collabortor: Caitlin Wilson! As a designer, artist, business owner (and mama of four!) we are so inspired by Caitlin. Our new collaboration, Sweet Darling Hair + Body Wash in our fan-favorite Strawberry Crème scent is available now in our 25oz Extra Tubby size on tubbytodd.com and the bottle features a bright, blooming design by Caitlin that is perfect for spring! Get a little behind-the-scenes peek into Caitlin's process below and keep an eye out for her NEW kids line, Cait Kids, launching next week!

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Photo courtesy of Caitlin Wilson

Q: You have a pretty incredible job, tell us a little about what you do!

A: I am an interior designer turned textile and home decor designer. I spend most of my days (when I’m not with my 4 kids) designing products ranging from throw pillows, wallpaper, rugs, lighting, furniture and now children’s room decor for our first kids’ collection—Cait Kids coming out next week!

Q: Your designs feature the most beautiful colors and style. Tell us a little bit about your process from inspiration to final design.

A: Thank you! I am a lover of color and typically start the process of designing a textile or print with color. I’ll find something that inspires me like a vintage pattern or a style and then the colors begin to come to me. I have used pink and blue pretty dominantly from the beginning so they make their way into many of my prints in some form or another. From there it’s a matter of complementing palettes and tones and finding a balance that strikes when the pattern starts to come together. I’m always designing with other products in mind so when one pillow is coming to life, our coordinating prints are evolving along side it. The result is a beautiful, cohesive collection of products that mix and coordinate effortlessly.

Q: Are your little ones artistic like you are? How do you encourage creativity?

A: My kids are fairly artistic—but it manifests in different forms depending on their age it seems. I can usually get all of my kids to sit down and paint with me but my son is actually the most passionate about art. He can draw for hours while my daughters are more interested in fashion and dance. I find if they feel confidence in any artistic endeavor, they are more motivated to try new things! I include them in the process of designing their rooms because I want it to be a place that feels comforting and balanced to them. I find that they all care deeply about how their room is organized and if they feel strongly about something, we can usually agree on something if I talk through it. I encourage them to take pride in their spaces and to make it their own!

Q: What made you choose the Strawberry Creme scent for your collaboration with Tubby Todd?

A: I love when my babies smell sweet and after trying so many different products on my kids over the years, I had never had a strawberry scent…let alone one that I got to collaborate on! This is a very gentle scent that smells natural and fresh. Plus I have 2 strawberry blonde kids, so I kind of love that they’re going to smell like sweet strawberries!

Q: Tell us a little bit about the pattern you chose for your Tubby Todd bottle!

A: My brand began with florals and continues to be feminine, fresh, and refined. Our Cait Kids launch includes a few petite floral prints that I just love for everything from sheets to accents and this Tubby Todd collaboration was the perfect application for a sweet, whimsical feel.

Q: We’re pretty obsessed with bathtime over here, do you have any favorite bathtime rituals that your little ones love?

A: Bath time is one of the best parts of my day… I love to wash and brush my kids hair every night (even my 10 year old will ask me to wash her hair occasionally because I love to lather it up and give her a good scalp massage). I just don’t think they sleep as well without clean hair and it certainly makes storytime and cuddle time more pleasant!

Q: Can you give us a little teaser of what we’ll see with your newest project, Cait Kids?!

A: So many wonderful little pieces are coming in our Cait Kids launch next week…we’ve not only produced an extensive line of bedding, rugs, and wallpapers, but we’ve also partnered with several high quality companies to create the best of the best for kids from custom designed furniture made in the USA to exclusive playhouse tents with interchangeable curtains. Art and accents, decor and diaper bags, we’ve designed every product with attention to detail and from my perspective as a mom of young children.

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