Andrea's Essentials for Traveling with Baby

Recently we've packed up the minivan and hit the road with all three kids in tow! Traveling with a young baby is really awesome and really difficult; they'll still sleep anywhere, but they also need the most attention! Here are my favorite essentials to make traveling with your baby easier:
  1. My Petunia Picklebottom Pathway Pack is an incredible diaper bag! I love that it's modern and streamlined (aka it matches everything), and seems to have pockets right where I need them the most. It's also gender-neutral enough for Brian (my hubby) to sling over his shoulder and help carry the load.
  2. Our Tubby Todd MAMA Hand Cream is the best for moments when I just need a little break from being a Mom! (You know, on hour seven of a roadtrip...) As I rub it in to moisturize my hands, it renews my focus and energy, and makes me feel like a woman again. :)
  3. My beautiful Loma Originals clutch is the perfect size for diapers and wipes. It's sturdy and easy to spot in my diaper bag.
  4. I'm obsessed with my micro Gathre mat. We flew to NY a couple of weeks ago and it was really nice to have for changing a diaper in the airport restroom or on a park bench. It folds tiny to fit in my diaper bag, and wipes clean after any mishaps.
  5. My Madeline's Box leather binky clip is pretty much always attached to baby James, and its neutral color matches every outfit. We don't leave the house without it!
  6. Our All Over Ointment is a staple in my diaper bag, and is probably the most versatile product we make. It's something I ALWAYS keep with me when I travel because of its endless uses — it's good for diaper rash, cuts, moisturizing, dry patches, etc. If we have a need, our All Over Ointment can usually fix it!
  7. The Solly Baby Wrap is another thing that makes traveling (especially on airplanes) WAY easier. It's light, breathable, and flexible, so I can wear James in it while I'm sitting or standing. It matches everything I wear, and can be dressed up or dressed down. (Seriously — I brought it to a wedding recently!) I discreetly nurse him in this wrap when we're taking off and landing.

Happy travels!

xx, Andrea

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