Tubby Todd Essentials for Your Hospital Bag

Mama, you and I both know hospital bag space is a premium! There's a lot to pack for your baby's delivery and only so much room in your overnight bag so we'll forgive you for not packing your entire collection of Tubby Todd products, even though we know you wanted to. And instead, we've rounded up our top four most essential Tubby Todd products to bring to the hospital:

  1. Hair & Body Wash — Use this safe, hypoallergenic wash to bathe yourself AND your little one after delivery. You'll love the soothing, sweet lavender fragrance and how richly it lathers and cleans, without drying out skin.
  2. All Over Ointment — Use this creamy ointment on any IV lines you or your baby have during your stay. It works well to soothe and moisturize irritated skin after the tape is removed. It's also great for rubbing on an itchy belly, or gently soothing irritations in your newborn's diaper-region.
  3. Nursing Salve — If you're nursing, keep this handy! It can be safely used before and after nursing your newborn to help soothe your tender nipples and soften the skin so it doesn't get chapped or cracked. You'll thank us later.
  4. Freshening Spray — Just like space in the hospital bag, showers are also a premium. (Welcome to motherhood! We promise it's awesome!) You can safely use our Freshening Spray around your newborn to freshen yourself up right after birth and in-between showers. It works as a natural deodorizer, and is safe to use in your "unmentionables" area to freshen up a bit since—we'll be honest—birth makes things little messy for a while.

Tell us: what Tubby Todd products would you bring as an "essential" to the hospital? We'd love to hear! 


xx, Andrea

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