Andrea's Playroom Makeover

Andrea and Brian's new playroom Andrea and Brian recently finished up a new playroom for their three older kiddos and we just had to share the details with all of you. With a brand new baby in the house it was extra important to have a space where the older kids could hang out, be creative and PLAY! With lots of fun, bright colors and different areas for various activities, this playroom is optimized for just that. Andrea and Brian's family sitting in the new playroom The family playing in the new playroom Andrea wanted to make sure there were arts and craft supplies readily available, but placed them on higher shelves so they are out of reach of her littlest one's hands to avoid any toddler mischief. Placing books on the lower shelves makes them easy to grab for everyone! The books are openly displayed and easy to see with the covers facing out, and Andrea can swap in new additions to the collection like the most recent edition of Bravery Mag or one of her personal favorites, Amy Webb's new book, When Charley Met Emma. Closeup of the kids in the new playroom Closeup of the kids reading in the new playroom A baby playing with a puzzle A baby playing with a puzzle on the table The Nugget couch is so comfy and perfect for hanging out, building forts, reading or snuggling. Plus, it's washable—a huge bonus for mamas! With a tabletop area along the wall for art projects, the space becomes even more versatile and fun. The room is small and cozy so the kids can feel it's their own, and it's easier for mom and dad to manage and help keep clean. Scroll down for a full list of the products Andrea chose to include in her new playroom! Andrea and child in the new playroom The whole family sitting in the playroom A child reading on the couch in the playroom Playroom details: On the Williams fam: Credits: Interior design by Bex Studios, Photography by Weston Fuller
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