Day with the Basics: Lisa Bühler of Lisa Says Gah

We're in LOVE with Lisa Says Gah's bold, colorful, and cool designs—and were so incredibly excited for the opportunity to collab with the brand for a limited edition, totally picnic-perfect Hair + Body Wash bottle!

We caught up with the mama behind the magic, Lisa Bühler, to chat about our new collab, mama life, and her go-to style inspo and fave outfits!. Enjoy! 

Q: We’re all in on the bold, playful and retro vibes of Lisa Says Gah. Tell us about your personal style and how Lisa Says Gah came to be.

A: Lisa Says Gah came to be in 2015 when I moved from LA to SF to be with my now husband Louis. Searching for a job in fashion in SF and coming from a fast fashion career, the move became the moment to launch something more meaningful for me, slow fashion that still felt fun and inspiring. My personal style reflects LSG, it’s old-world charm meets of the moment-ness. Chasing that Gah! Feeling.


Q: What is your favorite part of mama life with 2 young ones?...and least fave?

A: Least fave is the sleep disruption and my absolute fave…that’s hard to pick there is so much joy in getting to know them, but of course I do enjoy dressing them up!

Q: What’s your go-to outfit right now?

A: Wide leg trouser pants, vintage oversized tee and blazer to pull it together with thongs during the day, and strappy slides for evening.

Q: Who or what inspires you creatively and personally?

A: Lately I’m inspired by destinations. These often inspire prints, like the farmer’s market print for this collab. We have an “Italian Summer” print launching this summer that’s inspired by the vacation you will *or* want to be on. Think warm nights, fresh fruit cocktails, kids running around and just enjoying simple pleasures of life.

Q: What are you reading, watching or listening to that brings you joy?

A: I’m new to substack, I’m subscribed to fashion newsletter “Back Row” and culture and trends “8Ball” I’m listening to our fun curated Lisa Says Gah Spotify playlist that tie back to our collection launches.

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