6 Sustainable Bathtime Swaps Your Fam Can Make Right Now

composite image of sustainable tub products

We’re all about the small, simple ways we can make a difference. That's why in honor of Earth Month, we’re sharing some of our favorite sustainable bathtime swaps to help reduce our fams’ footprints! 


1. Tubby Gallons — Our Tubby gallon products are just the thing for our TT superfan fams! Available in Hair + Body Wash, Bubble Bath, and Everyday Lotion, each gallon is the equivalent of 16 8.5oz bottles, but generates less than 1/3 the amount of plastic— and reduces the emissions of repeat order shipping! 

2. Suds Stick — Our Suds Stick bar soap comes packaged without ANY plastic, and is made with sustainably sourced Palm Oil, too! It’s perfect for hands, body and face and great for skin of all types. 

3. Green Toys recycled bath toys — We love these super fun and interactive bath toys, and it’s SUCH a bonus that they’re made from 100% recycled plastic materials! And pssst… If you’re looking for more fun non-toxic bathtime toy ideas that won’t mildew, mold, or rust, check out this post

4. Hanna Andersson PJs — Your li’l one will be snug as a bug after bathtime AND sustainable too in these adorable Hanna Andersson Earth Day-themed PJs! Made from 100% Organic Cotton, these sweet PJs use considerably less water and carbon than non-organic cotton products. 

5. Coyuchi organic cotton towels — Get your babe all dry and cozy after bathtime with these super soft organic cotton towels. They’re made from environmentally-friendly cotton farmed without harmful pesticides! 

6. Cocofloss toothbrushes — Get their teethies all clean with these super cute toothbrushes that are made from recycled ocean-bound plastic materials! How cool is that? 

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