This Is How You AOO

All Over Ointment

Our All Over Ointment (lovingly referred to as AOO) is a balm for everything! The rich creamy formula is deeply moisturizing and never greasy. Made from plant-based extracts like beeswax, jojoba oil and honeysuckle AOO is safe for the littlest faces (and mamas too!).

With 1% colloidal oatmeal, this soothing formula is dermatologist and pediatrician tested and helps prevent and relieve eczema, redness and irritation all while building skin's moisture barrier—wowzers!

Since our Ointment is such a do-it-all kind of product we wanted to hear how YOU use it in your home with your families! We polled our Instagram followers and found out all the different ways you AOO. Check it out, Mama!


"My baby had terrible eczema all over her body and this is a miracle!"

This is what we love to hear! We're so glad AOO was a fit for your fam.

Irritated Skin

"Used it on my super dry elbows this morning! Hubby uses it for razor burn."

A big YES to the using AOO after shaving! Way to represent, #tubbytodddad!

Bathtime Staple

"After every bath!"

It is so important to keep up with a consistent skincare routine for your little ones, especially if they have sensitive skin! It's easy to forget to treat skin when it's looking its best but that is when problems can flare up. Use AOO on extra dry areas after our Everyday Lotion as a post-bath skincare ritual to keep your babe's skin soft and smooth!

Mama Moisturizer

"Every day on my baby's eczema and as a face moisturizer for me."

AOO is not just for kiddos! Our formulas are safe and effective for everyone, age newborn to ninety. We love the All Over Ointment as a mama face cream to lock in that much-needed moisture!

All-over Hydration

"For my babe's dry skin on face, legs and arms!

When we say All Over Ointment we mean ALL OVER OINTMENT! Every baby is different and sensitive skin can present in so many ways. Your little one might have dry skin on the back of their arms, bumpy texture on their face or eczema prone areas all over. AOO to the rescue!

Chapped Skin

"On my face (and kids) for chapped skin."

Chapped skin be gone! Skin can be depleted by the elements, like wind and cold in the drier fall/winter months, and sun exposure or swimming in the summer. Jojoba oil and honeysuckle are known to calm chapped skin, while beeswax is used to condition and make skin stronger against the elements!

Mama Hands

"My daughter's nightly skincare. I use the travel tubes after 12 hours of harsh soap and sanitizer as an RN."

Every mama needs a little help with frequently washed hands, but nurse mamas most of all! Replenish after soap and sanitizer to replace oils and lock in moisture.

Harsh Temperatures

"Every night and morning on my little! We live in Alaska and he has dry red cheeks so it helps a ton."

Depending on where you live (hello, Alaska!), your skin might be in extra need of a strong barrier against the elements.

Baby Belly

"I rub it on my baby belly. No stretch marks so far and only four weeks to go!"

Way to go, Mama, you're almost there! We love the idea of using AOO on that sweet baby bump, try our Mama Belly Oil to improve elasticity even further!

On Feet

"I use it on my crusty heels!"

Try applying a layer of AOO to your feet and then putting socks on before bed! Helloooo, baby soft feet!

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