Five ways to wear your Mama tee


One of the most important things about mom clothes is COMFORT. You gotta be comfortable. If your shirt is pulling or your pants are too tight or your bra strap is cutting into your shoulders, it's hard to be on the top of your mom game. The Mama shirt is made with 100% cotton with a flattering sleeve and stretch. It's not too tight, not too baggy. It's your fav t-shirt that's acceptable to wear out of the house.COMFY CASUAL

Pair with an oversized cardigan or chunky knit sweater in contrasting color and texture. Lengthen your legs and counteract the large sweater by slipping on some comfy clogs, chunky sandals, or ankle booties.NO-VANILLA BUSINESS CASUAL

We're going to go out on a limb and say the Mama shirt can be dressed up enough to pass for business casual if you work in a low-key office. Layer the shirt with your favorite jacket, and get creative with your trousers. Denim would make the tee feel to casual so a surprising verticle striped trouser adds the perfect "dressed up" feeling. Complete the look with leather or suede boots.ATHLEISURE: IS THERE ANYTHING BETTER?

Grab a bite, run to Target, school pick-up in this super comfy but not frumpy get-up. Take it a step away from "working out" by wearing comfy sandals or low Keds or Converse. Second day hair? (Or third, fourth, fifth....) Throw on a cute cap.


Throw on the Mama tee and go for a run. 100% cotton means it's super comfy.

What do you think? Would you wear these looks? How do you style your Mama shirt?

If you already have a Mama shirt, we can't wait to see your selfies Friday, September 29. We've declared it Wear Your Mama T-Shirt Day...because we can. Tag us @tubbytodd so we don't miss your cute pics.


If you'd like your own Mama shirt, join Tubby Todd Mamas on Facebook (go to and search "Tubby Todd Mamas") and grab the promo code for a free shirt (you pay shipping) while supplies last. We'd hurry--these do not last long. 

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