Gather for Goats Dinner in Arizona

We joined forces with Sarah of Shop Plain Jane and Jenny of Little Green Notebook to raise money and awareness for Gather for Goats. We hosted a charity dinner in Mesa with lots of friends to raise money to buy goats for Syrian refugees.
What is Gather for Goats?
Gather for Goats is a worldwide fundraiser for syrian refugees. They're raising money to buy 400 families goats so they can better feed and care for their families.
Who's it for?
Syrian refugees. 
Because these families have been driven from their homes and lack sustainable food and drink. Goats are the answer to that.
Who started this?
Hayley Smith, Founder of Lifting Hands International, and Linsey Laidlaw, friend of Hayley and an activist/designer in Brooklyn, NY. Lifting Hands International is a non-profit charity based in Greece, with outposts in Arizona and Utah. There's one employee and an army of volunteers.
How do I donate?
Here. They've raised $56k but they're shooting for $250k.
Can I host a dinner to raise money too? Isn't it past May 5-7?
Yes, you can host a dinner anytime. Or host a brunch, bbq, picnic, or lemonade stand with your friends and family and ask them to donate whatever they would have spent on the food towards Gather for Goats. Explain why buying goats for this refugee camp is a good idea and how just a little bit of our money can be life changing for a hungry, scared family far from home. Have everyone Venmo or Paypal together at the table, then submit the money to Gather for Goats together. It'll be a powerful memory for you and your friends to give to others who are much less fortunate than us. 
I have more questions and want to learn more how my money will be used.
Lifting Hands International Facebook group puts faces to the cause. Q&A, updates, interviews, and more explanations of Gather for Goats there.
You can learn more about the non-profit Lifting Hands International on Facebook, Instagram, and their website.
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