Tubby Todd Families: Our Home on Wheels

We're excited to share a new blog series called Tubby Todd Families. We'll be featuring families from all over and how they live with kids and use Tubby Todd in their families. First up, @ourhomeonwheels! Have you seen this cute family on Instagram already? They're traveling the country with their six month old baby girl, Juniper, and pup, Lotus. We caught up with them on the beach and took a few shots. They love Tubby Todd and can you even with Juniper in the skin bath? Let's get started!

You guys seem so adventurous! Not everybody would be up for a life in a van with a business, baby, and dog. What's been the highlight of your travels so far?

There's been lots of very special moments but one in particular is the first time we heard Juniper's heartbeat. We were camped out at a beautiful spot off the coast of Big Sur, we had our Doppler and would check frequently for a heart beat but it never happened until that moment. It was so special and so epic. The sun was setting, it was perfectly breezy and we had just finished making dinner. The setting could not have been better. It was beautiful to be in an amazing place hearing our babies heartbeat for the first time. We will never forget it .

Where are you going to next? 

Oregon. We love Oregon so we plan on really exploring Bend and seeing what it has to offer. From there we will be heard to Colorado for a few weeks and we plan on driving down Baja (for the second time) in the fall. Our itinerary could change because it does quite often and it feels really good to say that! Haha.

Any tips for the rest of us on traveling with kids? What's the best thing about it and the hardest thing about it?

If you want to travel and have kids just do it. Don't question it ever because they will forever be thankful for amazing and exciting memories. Often we heard to do it before we had kids because it becomes more difficult and that's perhaps true, but we know of many families that do it. We can't relate to quitting your dreams after you have a child. If we had 2 or 3 more kids we wouldn't stop. Having Juniper on the road with us gives a greater purpose to continue traveling. She's learning about the world she's part of. She's not just a resident of a single city. She lives everywhere and she will learn to love the differences in everyone. We also feel by being an example to chase our desires it will give Juniper the courage to never give up on all that she wants to experience in life even if the unexpected occurs. 


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