Why we started Tubby Todd- a parenting win


The amazing thing about being a parent is how intuitive some parts of parenting are (both physically and emotionally) and at the same time, how unbelievably unnatural others can be. #amiright? Some of us excel at organized schedules and charts, and others have endless patience or the ability to play make-believe for hours. And maybe you do none of these things well- but make a killer chocolate chip cookie? In the end, we all know that being a good parent has nothing to do with any skill or ability- but about love, we have for our little ones. I personally feel lucky to be parenting at a time when we as parents have more resources than any generation before to help us care for and love our little ones. 

In the last six years since becoming a mom I have learned so much about myself (both good and bad!) Some lessons and skills have come more easily than others, and there are many parenting skills I am still (desperately) hoping are yet to come. Like daily I wonder, "But where do all of the binkies go?" And, "What about the hair clips- where do they go?" Clearly, organization is not my strong suit, and is going on my parenting report card as, "needs improvement." But, five years ago we saw a need in our family for natural bath products that would care for all skin types- and after years of hard work and testing, we were able to create a solution for our family that we are now sharing. Can you believe it!? We are marking this as a parenting achievement! After years of frustration with watery, bland, natural products that left our sensitive little ones dry- we created a solution for tubby time that we are really proud of. We have now shared these products through our online community and feel so thrilled that other families are genuinely as excited about our products as we are.

The day-to-day battle as a parent is real! It takes work to care for these little ones. This week I wanted to say thank you to each of you who have shared your love for Tubby Todd. You have not only made us feel awesome but built other parents up by encouraging them to have the best for their family. Your love for our products and our brand keeps us motivated to continue to create awesome products that you will love to use.  

Having good, clean, fun products that are a natural care solution in your home is not only best, but also possible with Tubby Todd. We hope you will give them a try this week during the sale, and if you love them that you will also share them with the people that matter most to you. We feel lucky to be a part of a community that supports one another and is sharing the best of the best products for our kids. Because, if love is the best thing we can offer our little ones- then I think support is the best thing we can offer one another. This online community is a place to grow with one another especially during these days of isolation and exhaustion as a parent to young children. Sending you lots of Tubby Todd love on this weekend.




Andrea & Team Tubby Todd 


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