Girl Talk: 3 Ways To Get Your Feelings Out

By Andrea

I've been feeling overwhelmed because I haven't been getting my feelings out. So I'm reminding myself what I usually do to vent and sort through feelings so I don't have another Sunday night cry fest:
1) One of my favorite things to do is write in my journal. It's hard to have time but when I do, I feel so much better. Sometimes when I'm alone in my car driving places I'll use dictation text and "write" in my journal out loud. I write about my dad being sick, the fun things my family is doing, work. Anything. It gets it out in a real way.
2) Taking time to talk about my week or month with my mom, Brian, or friends really helps me release the steam.
3) I know a lot of people who meet with therapists and it's been life-changing for them. Why not get a professional's help? 
4) Soak in a hot bubble bath listening to relaxing music or watching your favorite funny show.
It's so important to take your emotions seriously, acknowledge them, and release them gradually so you don't freak out. What do you do to work through them? Share your ideas on the Tubby Todd Mama Facebook Group. I'd love to see!
xx Andrea
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