Has becoming a Mom made you more creative?

By Koseli Cummings

Moms often talk about how busy, overwhelmed, tired, stressed, etc. their kids have made them, but what are the surprising things your kids have taught you? This article in The Atlantic is an interesting dive into how motherhood affects creativity.

Years ago, I heard Swiss Miss say in a talk that having her two kids has made her more creative. That really struck a chord with me and helped me rewrite the script in my head that said Kids limit you into How much can my kids expand my life? It's been an eye opening, sometimes frustrating, but an admittedly fun thing to try to figure out to develop the creative part of myself while being the best mom I can be.

What do you think? Has becoming a mom made you more creative? More driven? Harder working? More focused? More assertive?

P.S. Mother Mag's article on why mothers make the best workers is fascinating.

P.S.S. Hundreds of female artists that are also moms doing an Artist in Motherhood Residency

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