How to Dress Before and After Baby

Everyone talks about maternity clothes, but guys, what about after you have the baby?! You’ve got to have a post-birth dressing strategy. We love the capsule wardrobe idea but we have to laugh. Moms were the OG capsule wardrobe. When nothing else fits, you’re left with only a couple of dresses and black yoga pants. But feeling confident and comfortable in what you’re wearing goes a long way, so here are a few tips for postpartum dressing.

10 Postpartum Clothing Items We Love!

  • 2 flattering t-shirts. Go for two sizes above your normal, pre-pregnancy size.
  • 1 button up
  • 1 caftan dress that buttons in front
  • 1 knit open cardigan that falls past your bum bum
  • 1 really good button-down shirt like a flattering ¾ length flannel
  • Jeans that fit (Need to have at least one pair that works at any time)
  • 2 pair of yoga pants
  • Matching top and bottom pair of pajamas (like, real adult jammies)
  • 1 top that makes you feel absolutely beautiful (good color, don’t have to iron it, and you feel like a babe every single time you wear it)

These ten items are what worked for me and made me feel confident and happy during postpartum. Take yourself out for a day of shopping and don't be afraid to take a little fashion risk. Find what works for you and own it! 

This is an excerpt from our upcoming book You've Got This, Mama. Take a look at few other activities that will be in the book like: Bringing Sexy Back and 6 Tips for Postpartum Healing.

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