The Big Birthday Bash

Raise your hand if you've ever had your mom, dad, siblings, best friends, and co-workers at your 33rd birthday party? (raises hand high and proud) 

If you're not raising your hand, we can assure you, you're missing out. On Friday April 13th, Andrea Faulkner Williams celebrated her 33rd birthday with everyone near and dear to her at The Tub Hub, home of Tubby Todd, in Carlsbad.

It was a night for the books (or the balloons) with Italian soda, cookies, donuts, and not to mention the FRESH JAMS coming from the DJ booth. Did you know that girls just want to have fun? 

By the way, who said that birthday parties should be super serious and mature as we get older? The best part about birthdays is reminiscing on the youthful moments of our lives and celebrating still being able to drop it low to "Yeah" by Usher (don't pretend you don't do this on the reg).

All of that being said, here is a list of essentials for throwing yourself your own freaking awesome birthday party no matter how old you're turning:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • La Croix Water
  • Flavored syrup pumps
  • Pebble ice from Sonic (otherwise don't bother)
  • Paper cups & straws (brb, gotta go save the earth)
  • Cookies and all of the sweets you can imagine
  • Space for a dance floor
  • A crown of some kind, so you can be found in the crowd (not opposed to flower crowns––ours is from our girl Esther at Wallflower Inspiration!)
  • A youthful spirit and acknowledgement that you are not older, but wiser. And every birthday should be celebrated in a manner that makes YOU happy and grateful for all of the good in your life.

It's good to be 33!

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