How to make bath time extra special

As parents, we have to bathe our kids. Why not make it fun? You know we love bath time around here so we're sharing some of our favorite ideas for making baby's bath that much more fun, easy, and memorable.
Big Bathtub
1) Let your baby or kids bathe in the "special" or guest bathroom. Kids love surprises and even this is still a bath in a bathtub, since it's a new location it can be pretty exciting. If you're a one-tub family, create novelty by changing something in the room. 
New Bath Toys
2) Let them pick a few toys to bring into the bath that you wouldn't ordinarily let them bring in. A special tractor toy, a kitchen whisk, plastic cup, a comb, or a new squeezee toy can all be exciting. Throw in some small washcloths and you're good to go. 
3) Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles
There's no way we're forgetting bubble bath! Babies and kids love the sensation of bubbles and we are firm believers you can never have too many bubbles. (See #tubbytoddbubblebeard for evidence.) Sweet quince and honeysuckle is a natural, safe alternative to store brand bubble bath that contain harmful chemicals and might irritate your baby's skin.
4) Treat time
Surprise those kiddos with a treat. A messy red popscicle, chocolate ice cream, juicy fruits, and pancakes and sticky syrup win every time. While you're at it, treat yourself!
5)Warm towels
What's cozier than a warm towel when you're fresh out of the bath? Spoil those babies with a toasty transition from bath, lotion time, then pajama time.
6) New Jammies
New pajamas are as exciting for us as they are for our kids. Prep the pj's, diaper or undies, lotion, and comb before the bath and unveil the surprise after they get out. Ta dah! You win, mama.
7) Massage Time
After bathtime, rub your child down with everyday lotion or Dream Cream. Focus on rough patches, bumps, dry rashes, or excema with All Over Ointment. Lotion time seals in the moisture from the bath and is a wonderful bonding time for you and your baby (or big kid!). There's nothing like physical touch and nurturing to help you feel close and connected to your child. 
What do you do to make bath time more fun? We'd love to hear your tips. Share them with us on Facebook or Instagram!