5 Things That Help Me Connect With the People I Love

I don't know if anyone else feels this way, but sometimes it's really hard for me to feel like I'm actually connecting with my kids, with my husband, or my other loved ones. We spend a lot of time together, in the same house, in the car, etc. but sometimes by the end of the day it just feels like we never really synced up. One of the most challenging parts of being a mom is keeping my focus on my babies when other things call for my attention: family problems, work, and let's just say it....hormones! I've realized there's five key things I can do to really help me reconnect with my little buddies, re-center myself, and get a clearer perspective even when it feels like the world is pulling me in a million different directions.

1. Get out of the house  
Sometimes a neighborhood walk in the evening or a drive to Target with my favorite music playing can be all I need to get a break and some breathing room.

2. Hang out with friends alone and with kids
I'm a people person and I love being with the people I love. Getting together with mama friends at the park, beach, or at somebody's house totally resets me on a rough day. My kids love it too!

3. Taking care of me first
I know I'm not the only one when I say self-care can be tricky! But I know when I do the things I love that fill me up, I'm a better mom, wife, sister, and daughter and I'm just happier all around.  

4. 30 minutes of one-on-one time
When the kids act out, sometimes it means they need focused attention. I'll take one of them and spend half an hour talking, cuddling, reading, and playing. This time is best spent when we are doing something they love. It always leaves us both rejuvenated and happy. It feels so good to love those babies.

5. Let it go
At the end of the day, it's all about just letting go and starting again in the morning. I'd love to hear your thoughts on what you do to connect and focus on the people you love the most. What do you do for you?
Andrea Williams
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