How to Make Mom Friends

Everybody wants to know how to make “mom friends,” right?! I don’t think there’s some big secret but I do know it takes work and getting out of yourself. If you’re willing to reach out, you’ll find your village. Here is the equation: one mom friend you really like + your kids get along = happy village.

Sometimes making new mom friends can feel like the first day of high school! If you’re feeling awkward or dumb about picking up on a mom, here’s a ‘lil sample convo for you:

You slyly approach a mom nearby who’s playing with her daughter in the sandbox.

YOU: She’s so cute! How old is your daughter?
HER: Thanks. 18 months.
YOU: Oh awesome. My son is 18 months too. Is your daughter
still putting everything in her mouth like my son is?
HER: Yeah! Ha ha. I have to watch her all the time.
YOU: Ha ha. Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. I’m ________.
And you’re…? Do you live nearby?
HER: My name is _____. I do live nearby. Just one street over.
YOU: We love to get out and go to parks. Let me get your
number and if we’re here, we’ll text you so we can meet up.
Maybe we could have a picnic sometime?

See, that’s not so bad. It’s good to remember that you’ve got nothing to lose. Only awesome mom friends to gain!

You Are Not Alone

"I was buckling my two kids into the car after checking out our 20th showing looking for a home to rent and felt like this house might be the one. We’d just moved across the country and I was super nervous and stressed and everything
felt too new. A mom walking by stopped and said Hi and I said Hi and mentioned we were maybe moving in that house. She congratulated me, asked if she could give me her number, and raved about the neighborhood. She introduced her adorable girls, waved goodbye, and went on her way, but I was never the same. Her friendliness meant more than she would ever know.”

- Not Uncommon Lonely Mom

How to Find Mom Friends

Tubby Todd Mama Group (you can set up a mom meet up in your city)
Let's Mush
Winnie Parenthoods
What to Expect
Mom blogs
Start your own blog
Neighborhood playground
Library story-time

MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers)
Toy aisle at Target
Church, non-denominational,
Neighborhood playgroups
Public pools
Swim lessons
Introductions through other friends
Indoor play spaces
Soccer practice
YMCA kid’s activities
Neighborhood block parties
Conferences, getaways, overnighter

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