Intentional Gifting

There's a lot of talk about choosing experiences over things. About how less is more and we should consider buying fewer things that are better quality. That we should find out where the things we buy are made, how they are made, and by who. That there's more thought that can, and probably should, go into what we buy for our families, every day.

We're proud to be a small company based in the USA who manufactures in the USA. We stand by our ingredients and their quality. Every product we make undergoes rigorous testing and feedback. We believe in our bath wash and ointments and creams because they've worked for our families. We share them because we love them and we know they work.

We hope this holiday, Tubby Todd fulfills a need in your family. Whether that's a beautiful box under the tree, a solution to your baby's mysterious rash, a surprise in a Christmas stocking, or watching your kids enjoy a bath bomb tubby, our hope is that we're helping parents connect with their children in every day, meaningful ways. And as we all know, you blink and those small everyday things are childhood.


image by Bri of @burtsbrisplease
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