Day With the Basics: Krissa Weeks

We love to see how families use Tubby Todd every day. Follow along this series, A Day with the Basics! If you use Tubby Todd in your home, be sure to tag @_themamablog and #adaywiththebasics to share! Here's a peek into how Krissa Weeks and her boys use Tubby Todd. 


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How do you choose what to use on your kids' hair?
When choosing a hair cleaning product for both of my sons, I look for just that; Something that will actually clean peanut butter and hardened slime out of my kids hair.


Do you help them, or do they do it themselves?
My boys like to wash their hair all by themselves. I give them a drop of soap on their heads and they make the suds! 

Do you use conditioner? We never know if we should be using it on our kid's hair.
We haven’t tried any conditioner products but my kiddo’s hair does get dry with too much washing. We take baths just about everyday but try to only wash their hair once or twice a week. (I can’t wait to try out this new conditioner!) 

You mentioned you guys have some skin issues. Tell us about that. How has that influenced what you use for shampoo?
My oldest son had severe eczema on his face and legs. They would turn into pimple like bumps that would bleed when scratched. Ever since we discovered TT he has had such beautiful skin and very minimal flare-ups.-if we can even call them that anymore.

What's your favorite place in your house?
You know how people say the kitchen is the heart of the home? Well, our bathroom is. Bath time at our house is a party! Dad installed a speaker in the bathroom so we always have fun tunes playing. It’s a family affair. Dad is usually shaving for work for early the next morning and I am always busy doing mom things while monitoring the boys. 


What's your favorite Tubby Todd product?

Bubble bath! I use it for my own baths and it is soo relaxing. 

Tell us a little bit about your youngest son.
My youngest son was born with a unilateral cleft lip. He had his first correction surgery at just 4 months old. We’ve been using TT Dream Cream ever since to keep his scar well moisturized during the healing process. I massage it into his lip once in the morning and again after his bath at night to keep his upper lip hydrated and encourage elasticity as he grows. 

Any secret TT tricks you want to share?

We have used the lotion to make pretty sweet combovers on the boys. 🤣

We know it's impossible to sum up in words, but what has motherhood taught you?
-Kids don’t care if the house is messy.

   -They listen better when I smile. 
   -Love isn’t as complicated as it used to be. 

Krissa, thank you so much for letting us interview you about your use Tubby Todd every day. You can check out the rest of the Day with the Basics right here on The Mama Blog.

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