A Day with the BASICS: Heather Moore

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Penelope never had particularly sensitive skin, so when Quinn was born with severe eczema, we were in for a shock. We lived off steroid creams for his first year of life. Every product that touched his skin caused blistering flair ups and made him absolutely miserable. He recently turned two and up until we were introduced to Tubby Todd he had been continually battling discomfort. Tubby Todd has been calming and gentle with his skin.


I love that I can be guilt-free by using 100% natural products. The Dream Cream has become a nightly staple and has helped us reverse any eczema breakouts at the first sign. The thick, creamy texture really makes me feel like it's doing the job. The Bubble Bath is another must-have. We also love how the lavender in the Everyday Lotion helps us wind down in the evening just before bed. Tubby Todd has transformed our skin and left us with happy kids!


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